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1227 Lincoln Blvd. Suite 201 Santa Monica, CA 90401
(310) 993-8482


Ramona Cobert at Bay Chiropractic & Rehabilitation - 310-993-8482


Luca Bosurgi, - Cognitive Hypnosis www.lucabosurgi.com 424-253-4554

Local Fitness

Basecamp Fitness - Santa Monica, West Hollywood and Pasadena

http://www.kravmaga.com/ : KravMaga

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu - Gracie Barra Santa Monica 310-795-2413


http://www.lamarathon.com/roadrunners/ - L.A Roadrunners

http://www.laleggers.org/ : L.A. Leggers

Coyote Running - http://www.socalcoyotes.com/index.html

Massage Therapy/Bodywork

Scott Amiss, CMT - Santa Monica/West L.A: Sports Massage, Deep Tissue, Swedish

Medical Care

Remedy Pain Solutions - Dr. Akash Bajaj MD 877-655-2179 www.remedypainsolutions.com

Dr. Steve Sampson, Dr. Aufiero -Pain Management, P.R.P. http://www.orthohealing.com/

Mental Health

Jill Vermiere - MFT     http://www.mytherapistjill.com/

Mary Kay Cocharo - The Conversation Group - A Qualified Marriage and Family Therapist, with more than 20 years of experience working with individuals, couples and families - 310-828-2624

Nutrition Response Testing (NRT)

Dr. Claudy-Ann Keasberry - NRT - Santa Monica


Well Baby Center - A Parenting Community - Mar Vista, CA 310-402-2229

Personal Trainers

Jon Paul Crimi - Santa Monica/Palisades/Malibu  310-864-2354

Bill Marley - Training/Rehabilitation- Santa Monica/Palisades/West L.A 310-678-2300

Pacific Performance Center - Santa Monica 310-260-1400

Spinal Decompression

Dr. Rick Morris - Santa Monica Spinal Decompression 310-451-5851

Swim Centers

Santa Monica Swim Center  (310) 458-8700

Yoga in Santa Monica

1.Yogis Anonymous -www.yogisanonymous.com/

2.Yoga Co. -www.yogaco.com

3. Power Yoga (Bryan Kest's) Santa Monica -www.poweryoga.com

4. Santa Monica Yoga -www.santamonicayoga.com

5. Bhakti Yoga Shala -www.bhaktiyogashala.com

6. Naam Yoga - www.naamyoga.com

7. Ellen Bain - Train With Yoga - www.ellenbainyoga.com

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